How Can I Take Care of My Pet During Tet When I’m Away?

How Can I Take Care of My Pet During Tet When I’m Away?

The concern about properly taking care of their pet during Tet holiday while away is significant with pet parents. This article provides essential tips and guidance to ensure your pet is well cared for in your absence.


Why Should You Take Care of Your Pet During Tet?

Taking care of your pet during Tet when you're away is really important. Because Tet can last a week or even several weeks. During this time, ensuring your pet has enough food, water, and proper care is crucial. Additionally, changes in routine and environment can impact your pet's psychology and health.


How do I take care of them?


1. Relying on Family or Friends:

- Choose a trustworthy person for this task.

- Provide comprehensive information about your pet's habits, diet, and health.


2. Using Professional Pet Care Services:

- Research and select reputable services.

- Discuss and set specific requirements for pet care.


3. Setting Up a Safe Home Environment:

- Ensure pets have enough space and are not confined for long periods.

- Provide sufficient food, water, and toys to keep pets from feeling lonely.


4. Preparations Before Leaving:

- Food and Water: Prepare automatic feeders or timed feeding schedules.

- Safety and Comfort: Ensure a safe and comfortable space for your pet.

- Health and Medical Information: Check your pet's health before leaving and leave contact information for your veterinarian.

- Entertainment: Give your pet toys that are interesting and especially safe and do not affect their health when chewing too much. This is quite important because it will help your pet not feel stressed, lonely and have a happier mentality.

Here are some toys that Furry would like to suggest to you for their safety and fun. You can refer to it here.


5. Using Technology to Monitor Pets Remotely:

Devices like cameras and smartphone apps can help you keep an eye on your pet from afar. However, be mindful not to disturb or stress your pet.



Caring for your pet during Tet is manageable with proper preparation and arrangement. The key is to ensure a safe, comfortable environment and good health for your pet. Furthermore, entertaining pets is also extremely important to avoid affecting their psychology. You can see some safe and interesting toys for your pets here.
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