5 Common Mistakes in Choosing Suitable Pet Accessories

5 Common Mistakes in Choosing Suitable Pet Accessories

Choosing the suitable accessories for your pets may seem simple, but it's crucial in ensuring their health, safety, and comfort. However, many people often make common mistakes during the selection process. This article will analyze the five most common mistakes and propose optimal solutions to assist readers in choosing suitable accessories for their pets.

1. Choosing accessories based on personal preferences:

Many people tend to prioritize their own preferences when selecting accessories for their pets, without considering the needs and comfort level of the pets. For example, some may choose brightly colored, quirky or stiff collars, uncomfortable harnesses, which can cause discomfort for the pets when worn.


Prioritize comfort and suitability for the pets:

This is a crucial factor to consider when selecting accessories. Observing the pet's behavior when wearing accessories will help assess their comfort level.

Choose pet accessories of appropriate size:

Measuring the pet's size accurately (including neck, chest, waist, and back length) is necessary to ensure a proper fit and comfort. Referring to the size guide provided by the store or seeking advice from pet store staff will help you make more accurate choices.

Avoid potentially dangerous accessories:

Prioritize selecting accessories with safe, sturdy designs, avoiding small parts that pets may swallow. Opt for chew toys made of safe materials (BPA-free) that are not harmful when chewed or swallowed.

2. Ignoring accurate size measurements:

Proper sizing is crucial for aesthetics, comfort, and safety when using accessories. Choosing accessories with incorrect sizes can lead to unforeseen negative consequences. For example, a too-tight collar can cause difficulty breathing for pets, affecting their health and development. A too-loose collar may lead to slipping off during walks.


Measure your pet's body size:

Use a tape measure to measure basic parameters depending on the product line, such as neck, chest, waist, and back length. Referring to the size chart or seeking advice from pet store staff is essential to choose the most suitable product for your pet.

Choose adjustable accessories:

Selecting accessories that can be adjusted in size will allow you to adapt to your pet's growth, ensuring a comfortable fit over time. Additionally, it helps you save money as it can adjust to your pet's growing size.

3. Choosing accessories unsuitable for the pet's age and activity level:

The pet's accessory needs will vary depending on their age and activity level. For example, a puppy may need a soft, adjustable collar, while an adult dog or an active dog may require a sturdy collar with a safety lock.


Select accessories appropriate for the age:

Choosing suitable pet accessories that suit the characteristics of each dog breed. There will be various changes during their development, so they need different accessories. For example, a soft and lightweight harness would be suitable for puppies, while a sturdy harness with a handle would be more suitable for energetic adult dogs.

Choose accessories suitable for the activity level:

Select sturdy leashes for dogs that run and jump a lot. Choose interactive toys to stimulate your pet's mental and physical activity.

4. Prioritizing cheap accessories with unclear origins:

Choosing cheap accessories with unclear origins can pose many risks to your pet's health. The material of the accessories is also a top consideration. Some materials may cause skin irritation or allergies in pets. Choose accessories made from safe and comfortable materials, such as cotton, polyester, or natural rubber.


  • Choose accessories made from natural, pet-safe materials such as cotton, polyester, natural rubber, and materials guaranteed to be BPA-free in chew toys.
  • Avoid accessories made from hard plastic or metal, which may cause skin irritation or allergies.
  • Carefully check the product labels for material ingredients before purchasing.
  • Prioritize accessories with a clear origin from reputable brands. Furry® is a leading brand that produces and supplies high-quality and reputable pet accessories in Vietnam.

5. Disregarding safety considerations:

Some accessories may pose risks to your pets. For example, some toys may have small parts that pets can swallow. Or some types of dog leashes may be too long, making it easy for your pet to get tangled in obstacles.


Choosing the right accessories for your pets is crucial to ensure their safety and comfort. Avoiding the common mistakes mentioned in this article will help you make the best choice for your four-legged companions.

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